About Amanda:


Years in the Industry: 15 years

Favorite Services: 1 Row Installs, Lived-in blondes, dimensional brunettes

Music: Worship, Country, 2000's R&B

Food: Chicken Tenders, Cheeseburgers

Drink: Water w/electrolytes, Moscow Mule

Hobbies: CrossFit, Online Shopping

Instagram: @amandalanghorne.hair

How long have you been doing extensions? 

5 years

What made you want to start doing extensions?

I have very thin, fine hair and felt like I could never achieve my dream hair. I have tried various extension methods over the years and hated all of them until the current methods that I do. Now I have my dream hair and so do my clients.

What methods are you certified in?

Habit Extension Method, Invisible Bead Extensions, and a couple others but I often mix and match methods to create the ideal install for each client.

Do you color hair as well?

Absolutely! I live for a bright lived in blonde or dimensional brunette

What days do you work?

Currently, Tues + Thurs 9AM-4PM,
Wed 11AM-6PM