Both methods we specialize in use a series of beads and thread to create a secure base at your scalp. Hand tied wefts are then sown to your base. The amount and length of hair can be customized to you depending on your hair goals. We use multiple colors of hair extensions to create a customized look for you. If necessary, hand tied extensions can be custom colored to create a look that is unique to you.

Hand Tied Hair Extensions require no glue, no tape, no heat and have less points of contact on your natural hair giving less opportunity for damage. Whether you want length, fullness, or all of the above, hand tied extensions can be customized to you. Here at Salt & Light Hair Co. we specialize in two different methods: Invisible Bead Extensions & Habit Extension Method. Both methods provide seamless, damage free results.  

Experience the most lightweight, comfortable, and natural looking hair extensions you've ever had.

Hand Tied Extensions

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